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Communication is the most important pillar to any good team.  If your team struggles with communication in any aspect, then we are the solution you've been looking for.
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We are communication specialists who utilize teamwork, empathy, and role play in creative ways to keep your team together, and motivated.

Corporate Team Building
Customized Role Playing
How do improv exercises help a team flourish? It's no secret that communication is an important part of any worker's toolkit. However, it is a trait that is often overlooked in the workplace. With an emphasis on deadlines, productivity, and results, often times a lack of communication can slow down a team without anyone even realizing it. Meetings about how to communicate better can definitely help, however sometimes it takes an out of the box perspective to really drive home a point. That's where we come in!

We specialize in communication, through fun, improv exercises, to get people thinking, and engaging with sometimes difficult concepts like: empathy, engaged listening, emotional intelligence, self awareness, and parallel thinking.
Sometimes, people are looking for more than exercises to drive home the importance of communication in the workplace. That's where roleplaying comes in. With fully customizable scenarios dicated by you, we use trained role play actors to play out common workplace dillemas, teaching a Yes And mentality, getting people out of the mindset of NO.

Complicated situations, uncomfortable status relationships, work disputes, or what to do in the case of sensitive information being discussed, our actors can not only replicate these  circumstances, but also give your workers constructive feedback to help them in the future. 
Use improv exercises to improve your communication, and have fun while doing it!
Team Building with a comedic twist!
Interactive Keynote Speakers, one part education, one part entertainment!
How We Can Help

Communication is KEY

  1. Listening
    Recognition is the number one thing employees say their manager could give them to inspire them to produce great work. Global studies prove that when it comes to inspiring people to be their best at work, nothing else comes close—not even higher pay, promotion, autonomy or training. With our training, learn how to really listen to your employees, and let them feel heard, and recognized.
  2. Yes And
    A Harvard Business Review survey reveals 58 percent or people say they trust strangers more than their own boss. This is truly shocking. We live in a world where cultural trust is at an all time low, and distrust of leadership should be worrisome to all of us who have jobs. The biggest part of the trust breakdown is a lack of progression in communication, something easily fixed by this one improv principle.
  3. Self Awareness
    Leigh Branham, author of The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave revealed that 89 percent of bosses believe employees quit because they want more money. As much as any boss would love this statistic to be true (because it basically pardons any manager from wrong-doing) it’s simply not true. Many employees leave because of an ignorant and toxic workplace, and bosses rarely take responsibility, or look for a solution.
  4. Empathy
    The Conference Board reports that 53 percent of Americans are currently unhappy at work. If management is unaware of their employees and their feelings, it is very hard to address the real problems. At the heart of most workplace problems is a lack of empathy from the top to the bottom, resulting in poor communication, and a lack of understanding.
Keynote Speaking

With years of teaching, performing, and comedy experience, Kopy and Brent offer a keynote as inventive, provocative, and entertaining as they are. Because they treat their one of a kind performance like one of their Las Vegas comedy shows, they put on a presentations that are engaging, funny and educational. Edutainment is their specialty.

Watch Our Keynote Demo:

Brent and Kopy are a keynote speaking duo who work with teams to show a profound perspective shift in how teams and leaders communicate. Their unique, fun, interactive keynotes teach organizations how to apply improv to drive an exceptional company culture of high-level teamwork and empathy. 

As experts in communication and outside the box thinking, Brent and Kopy are also world-class improvisers: they've  performed for many years in almost every casino on the Las Vegas Strip and even held a residency at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. Experience why many companies and conferences bring them back again and again.

Meet The Team

Kopy Kopatich

Brent Mukai

​Kopy has been a student of the acting and improvisation world for 17 years.  Kopy believes the best teachers are the ones still willing to learn.  Kopy created a show on the Las Vegas strip which held several residencies.  He created a High School program in the 5th Largest School District in the country that got integrated into all of the High Schools.  Kopy has taught babies to seniors, corporate to agencies, and everything in between. 

Brent Mukai is a 10 year veteran of improv and training. With his fun personality, and high energy, he gets his point across regardless of the audience. As a teacher, he has worked with artists and corporations alike showcasing how improv can help with communication, confidence, and spontaneity. His clients include The Voice Actor's Studio, The Zen Speaker, Las Vegas Metro Police Department, and The Jabbawockeez.


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